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Monday, August 18, 2008

iphone 22nd august

Its coming out this Friday.
But i want the 3.5G version.

Because i dropped my n73 last week, im surviving on my pathetic old hp now.
The battery doesnt last over a day.
Imagine my horror when it shuts down at work and im shut down from the rest of the world.


Thought i'll've Monday Blues.
Apparently my day went quite well though a few of my colleagues got blasted by my manager.
So they were complaining to me about mgr and then mgr was complaining to me about how weak her team is.
Well, i was almost about to comment that if she promotes me to assistant manager, i'll make sure i give her a strong team.
I held back for some reason.

Work was stressful.
Deadlines deadlines.
Running about.
Learning how to make/send out appointment letters, dismissal letters, prepare for walk-interviews on Tuesday and Fridays and of course the Job Fair this weekend.
The fried rice with egg for lunch today was delicious (:
Dirty jokes flying across lunch table (again), i laughed till i blushed.

D&D next Friday with some pirates theme.
I'll skip it, i've better things to do on a Friday night.

This week is killer week because after 9 hours of hardcore work, i need to give tuition to my 2 stella boys :(
Saturday is tuition with my lil' girl and flea market event at Home Club.
Then i need to collected my hp (repairing the LCD will cost me $70).
Spending even before i get my 1st pay. Haha.


Speaking of which, Woman and I had a blast in town yesterday.
He got his agnes b bag and i got my M.Dutti blazor.
Super gorgeous i swear. So is the price of $265.
But i need more formal wear..the permutations will not last till end of this month.
Definitely a worthy investment.

Congrats to Singapore, we finally got a Silver!
The match was an exciting one yesterday, but i felt that Singapore played pretty badly.


Its not that i really dunno whats going on.
Perhaps i do know, but i prefer to act ignorant.
So that i dont have to face it.
I just dont like to face it.
I'm a coward :(

Jerr -> i appreciate the meetup today. needed to get away from work. haha. no! i want malibooo!

Sa'edah -> movie movie!! then noodles at bugis!! when when!! hahaha. tons to update you. and results will be out on 1st week of Sept i heard. the horror the horror!!

Melly -> meetup!! quick! haha. got a gift for you and dine (: