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Friday, August 15, 2008

My weekends are precious

Today i was settling the Code of Ethics thingy for like 9 hours.

Not even halfway through.
The thick stack of white papers, very blinding.
Makes me sleep.

Lunch was delicious.
RC tuckshop was screening Poseidon on HBO.
Dirty jokes flying across table.
I couldn't bite on the damn apple.
They thought i was 18 years old.

Mum commented on my dressing when i reached home (again).
Now, she finally believes i can dress properly.

Maybe i should throw away my tees and shorts.
And start dressing like a 22 year old.


Caught some of my colleagues discussing about F1 this and that. I think our department is in charge of something.


Toothache somewhat went away.
Calls for a celebration.


Hollister Co spree parcel arrived. Needa do some wrapping for the big PO trip tmr.

Liyu was bitching to me about not getting her parcel mailed out cause it has been 10 days. When i already mass emailed saying i can only get it mailed at a certain time. Her email was filled with thorns. WTH. I think she didn't believe me in the first place, thus, i'm not putting up with her attitude anymore. I am however, still a very responsible spree organiser. Just not willing to be accused and made used of.

This is not miscommunication. Alot of things speak for itself. We'll talk when you're ready to admit you didn't trust me.


This is MY blog. I will write responsibly, but i still write what i want.