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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Papa's 4th Death Anniversary

Went for evening mass at IHM with Godma, Godbro, Godsis (she's pregnant!!! praise the Lord!) and sisters.
A little crowded today. Head down to pray for Godfather. I think i still don't know how to cope with the demise of a loved one.


Dinner/dessert with CoH, a belated for our dearest Gary (:
Was late, flagged a cab, dropped my hp, thankfully i managed to get it back after running in the rain to where the cab was. Cabbie is friendly and honest. I'm lucky.
But i'll still rate my day as a bad one.

Woman stole my luck.
Everything might be starting to go downhill.

Catchup session was awesome.
Tirene "Love You" Soh.
Sounds like a middle name good name. haha.
Photos will be out tmr (:


Yesterday was HOMECLUB flea fly flo fun.
Lil' sister helped me. Luke too, thankyou!
Sales was pathetic as compared to my sales at Zouk/LIME flea.
Kinda expected. Thats why location is very important.
Some regulars/friends came to support me so it was all good.
I'm expecting LIME fleamarket (13th Sept) to bring me better profits.

Caught the fireworks display outside the club as well. Pretty!
Went for supper with parents thereafter (they're super supportive of my outdoor events, ferrying me to and fro).
Head to the factory for a while.
Dadee explained the beancurd process to me.
Abit hard to understand.
Something about crashing the beans, mixing with water, separating the shell, cooking it..blahblah
So i'll let the photos do some talking.