MMS Friends

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pocket Rocket

That was last month's online shopping bill.
Totalled up to about 6k.
I like the variety in countries.
I didnt incur all, of course!


Manager on leave today.
We're happy little children (:

Bought my black shoes from URS in less than 5mins after lunch.
Working at Cityhall is so convenient. I like it!


Working hard on my card orders.
Its piling.
My domestic helper is helping me to ink namecards for my LJ now.
Manual labour.
No time to get someone to help me with the stamp and cards.


Its midweek tmr.
And im happy i can collect my HP!
I shall attempt to rush to Nokia Care at wheelock during lunch.

Remember to sms me your name and number because i didnt back up my contacts.

Thankyou so much darlings (: