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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blood Donation

Friday nights are put-on-weight-nights.

If this continues on with woman every weekend, i might end up exclaiming "I'm 10kg heavier!".

Well, i did put on 5kg after one month of work.

But i just checked my weight today and i'm down 3kg.

Gees, not good. I want to be back at 40kg.


Supper at Aston and Ice-Cream Chef.

Enlarge the photo to see Woman's expressions after eating 'I eat Super Burger'.

Bet he nearly exploded after eating the huge-arse portion.

I ordered the grilled salmon. Was pretty good.

Pom pom-ed myself to finish the meal.

But i won't go back specially to Aston if i want western food.

Afterall, there's Western Chow at my void-deck.

As for the ice-cream chef, though we didnt manage to get a seat, i'll definitely patronise them again (: