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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What A Hoot!

I know Jenalyn hardly reads my blog, so it'll be safe to put this up till I meet herself and Amber at Faith's housewarming this Sunday.

Its a belated birthday gift and also a thankyou gift for attending my 22nd.

Hope you like it! (:


I want to explore sewing and photography by the end of this year.
The sewing machine i bought months ago is covered with dust.
Plans to get a DSLR shall not be delayed.
But homework have to be done first.


I counted my bikinis today, i've 15 sets (new and used).
All my pre-loved!
Was desperately trying to squeeze them neatly into a box and everything just popped into my face. How rude.
Start dating me to Sentosa or allow me to sell them.
I'm happy to know is doing very well.


Spoke to God last night..and woke up alil' clearer.
For now, i really need to settle the import stuffs.
Supplier has been chasing me..pfff..

Sa'edah -> let's catch mamamia?? hope you've time now that you're working PT..

Baby -> life is tough..melba leaving this saturday. we're so gonna be handicapped.

Melly -> can't wait to see you girls tonight for dinner (: