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Sunday, November 23, 2008

chris brown - with you

That evening, a lovely shade of orange painted the skyline and my house looked really cosy in that color when the rays shone through the windows (:

Mum cooked curry this weekend. Finally a complete family dinner together (with my sister's boyfriends all present). Went town for some window shopping, followed by supper at Din Tai Fung. My favourite appetizer was not available :( But it was pretty much a "family" weekend. I treasure it alot.

Recharged for the last week of November!


To do:

1) launch dot com. can't wait.
2) collect fabrics
3) make appt with Jean
4) go Maril's place and get some work done
5) launch apparel collection on sat, get more stocks
6) brain-storm for Grace's wedding "Guestbook". Important mission.