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Saturday, December 13, 2008

V.I.P. [put me on the guest-list]

Butter Factory-ed with Jun and Julia yesternight.
Alot of irritating buggers there.
And Julia kept getting checked out. Hee.
I think we were laughing our ass off while dancing to the hiphop moosik.
Actually i was trying to keep my eyes open O_o

Saw a guy with alot of blood on his forehead before we left the place at 3am.

Quiet house. Baby's at malaysia for a competition, Mum's at Batam. Emily Jie is dating. Dadee and helper's sleeping. Shanice trying to clear some work.

Faith came over earlier to help start the photo album project for her Sister's wedding. I'm in-charge of it, but super thankful Faith is going to help me with it (: Don't think the cover turned out the way i wanted it to be, scrapping can be pretty unexpected and unpredictable.

That being said, i think life is unpredictable :(