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Friday, January 02, 2009

Grace's wedding

I spent new year countdown in the cinema with Mum, lil' sis & Luke. Treated them to a movie-Ip Man. It's a really nice show (:

Woke up at 5am after snoozing for 3 hours. Cabbed to Faith's place and helped prep for the wedding. Actually preparations started a month back. I designed the guestbook and photo album. Not possible without Faith's help (thank you so much). We burnt 3 saturdays together!

Suppose to go for church service but....i fell into this deep sleep. Woke up at 3pm, time to help her with round two of makeup. Haha. Was her Mum's personal assistant too. It's fun, i never really got involved in any wedding prep. Godbro's wedding 2 years ago wasn't much of a hassle because there was only the mass and lunch involved.

You need so many people (and time) to get a wedding together. Wow.

Ok. I like the idea of the "candy bar" and "wedding trivia" game played during the dinner. It was pretty interactive (: The food at Peach Garden was very damn good too! Dinner started pretty much on time so all was good. My first dinner of the year was spent with Pei Chin (:


Suddenly, the holidays are over and i survived another day at work. Yawns.

Older sis birthday tmr..which reminds me. I'm turning 23 this year on 23 July! Maybe it'll be special (:

Happy New Year!!

PS: new year resolutions..?!