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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I cried. Looked like a clown.

Other than meeting Faith for a quick lunch, the rest of my day just suck.

First was the f-up team mate. He is unhelpful, stupid and doesnt have any initiative. At age 24, he is a total failure. Dunno how to work as a team, dunno how to be a gentleman. He tries to get the flesh from both of us girls all the time. And he's so smelly, always wear white shirt black pants. Have to yell at him everyday because of his sloppy work. Nowadays his pace getting slower. Cannot stand it.

Then my older sis spoke to me today when i got home from work.
Money money money.
Stress stress stress.
Loan loan loan.
Profits profits profits.
Work work work.

Say until like she can help me like that.
An attempt is greatly appreciated BUT you make me sound like i'm in serious need of a psychologist to deal with the bad stress i'm experiencing.
I'm so stressed because nobody else can help me, obviously!

And i'll greatly appreciate if my Mum and sister stop all the nagging and irritating conversations. It doesn't help me much at all. Till the day i break down, then we can put an end to everything.

Yes, just leave me alone.

I gave you 10% of my monthly income.
I listened to you, got a job in the society, as much as i don't wish to.
You still don't think its enough.
I can't even pursue what i want to do (running my online biz) with 150% conviction because i've a 9 to 6 job.
Before my online biz can even kick off properly, you want me to end it already.
If im successful in near future, who am i going to credit? You?

I'm 22. And. Nowhere near what i want to achieve.