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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shanice is a fan of Olivia Ong

Sun was scorching hot.
And i'm burnt.
My skin looks damn scary.
But i did apply alot of sunscreen.
Hurts when i lie down on the bed :(
Just recovered from headache. Happens whenever i'm in the Sun for too long.

Siloso had some SAFRA event.
Caleb fetched me there early in the morning.
We had supper late in the night with Ah Fu and baby.
Totally K.O.ed in the morning.
Sweet of them to buy us breakfast this morning *grins*
Our first breakfast from our own coffeeshop. Haha.

And finally, i got my working blouse at vivocity!!!
Super happy because its fitting, quality wise pretty good and price was reasonable.
And was damn tempted to get a Syrian hamster today, but decided against it.
Not till moosie die :(

Oh damn, i'm extremely hungry.
Waiting to go for supper with Woman and Melly.

Photos of today's outing with Hui Jun, Melly and Dine will be up soon.
Sizzling hot photos!
Stay tune.