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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CNY 2009 [BofA]

Overdue photos.




Hot yoga-ed with Jindi last week after work.
Was pretty good. Stretching, breathing..sweating out.

Anyways, I will be launching another collection tmr.
Taken 2 months break to cope with the demands at work.

Flying off to Bangkok this Saturday with my lil' sis, Caleb and Kong Sing.
Celebrate the end of KYC II project.
A well-deserved break! (:
Will be meeting Komui there on Sunday for dinner and tiger show. Just found out she'll be there a day before us with Eugenia.

Lotsa errands to run this week.
Change money, sign univantage contract, complete scrapbook orders, refund VS spree, collect my spectacles, collect cert, photoshoot, pack up for trip, mail out parcels. Holy moly.


Been thinking quite a bit.
I think i can be a very selfish and stingy person.
But its all in the hope of sticking to my "plans" for the future.
Building up my career so that i have enough CPF to invest.
I realized that insurances are crap (i'm holding on to 3) and i'm spending most of my income.

Am planning on going to the states, australia and prolly korea later this year if my finances allow.
Which means i really have to work very very hard.


Can't wait for baby Veronica to come home this week (: