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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Day trip to kranji turf city

Cousin Alan came to fetch me & lil' sis over to turf city.
Felt pretty "V.I.P."ish. Haha.
Professional jockey super-star!

Swarmed with males.
Saw a cute butch though. Haha.
Shook hands with the bosses and then said hi to my cousin-in-law who's a trainer there.

Took a walk around the air con and non-air con stables.
Got introduced to a few of the star horses.
Stroked their faces..feels nice (:
They're so pretty and handsome!
Check out those muscles i tell you..i'm in awe!

Thought i'd get the chance to shower the horses, but i think its like "shit-job" for the apprentices there. So we can't.

So these racing horses swim and run on treadmills. And a whole lot of other activities. Very interesting a life. Learnt more about their routine and how horse betting works. Educational trip. 2 hours time-off from work was pretty worth it.
We took turns to ride on Lucky Star because he was one of the tamer horses today. They can get temperamental and kick you if they're unhappy.

Though its just sitting on a walking horse, it was a pretty nervous experience for me. Race horse leh...not some pony or horse at the zoo. Hard time getting up the damn horse. 4 times i think. So embarrassing!! :( My sister took 2 secs and i took nearly 1 minute. Super lousy!

A pity it was drizzling, else i wanna try trotting on him.
By the way, standing beside my cousin and the other apprentices was super shameful. They weigh about the same as me but yet i look like a fat buffalo beside them.

He treated us to dinner Marche@vivocity.
Guilty eating so much.
The week before my Bangkok trip, i'm gonna go on a strict diet and exercise scheme.

Shanice is going to try loose some unhealthy weight in 2 weeks time.
Oh yes.