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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dream a little dream

I vote for happiness whatever way you get it.

So please don't get upset.
History seems to be re-enacting.


Just finished 50% of an album i'm working on.
It looks clean..and maybe slightly unrepresented of the 4 years experience i've in scrapbooking.

Xiumei -> woohoo. jiayou!! I just received my cert and stuff..really happy its over for me. can't believe you chose monetary econs after i told the entire world my horrible experience! i can offer some help if you need. afterall the entire class struggled with it without a proper lecturer and passed. you and Angele can do it!!! are you still experimenting with your hair..being a model and all? :b

Melly -> isnt the bag just awesome (: found the pics from adore_vintage!