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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here's the scoop

Faith on papers (:
My lil' sis woke me up early and flashed the page in my face.
My secret wish is to get interviewed (one day) for some entrepreneur related article.

Horribly busy day.
2 trips made to the PO to get all the parcels mailed out.
My shoulders are aching, arms are so muscular now.
Then it reminded me of Jerrome's comment about my arms in class last year O_o

Need to complete Ed's order and the 3 class samples for April's workshop :(
Juggle with LJ orders and prepare for next supplier trip this week.
Learn how to use my dslr in time for next shoot.
Very very stressed out.
No time no time!

Wahliao, spend 1 hour with you, complain. Don't spend time with you, get upset. I dunno what you want, but i know what i want (i think). Actually i know what you want. Women are, very, very fickle-minded creatures.

Confessions of a Shopaholic: i like this movie. Thanks for the company (:

Vivocity-ed with darling Dine (:
Shopping was good. Shopping with her is always good. We laughed our arse off while trying clothes that just don't fit well. How ridiculous we looked in em!
Found a good pair of nude colored heels and working dress though.
After that, we attempted to take some night shots outside the mall.
That girl, she was so much better than me!
I'm ashamed.
Played around with it till the batt died on us, prolly 200 RAWs in an hour.

Photos will be up when i make time to put it up.
Remember, Shanice loves you, you, you and you (:

Damnit, never carried 4 bags all at the same time before!