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Thursday, March 26, 2009

it disturbs me

Damn upset.

This customer said i am unethical and didnt disclose some information about a $29 bag i was selling on my LJ.

But it was obviously a bad case of negligent and innocent misrepresentation on her part. Which part of the word: fits a4 horizontally does she not understand.

And now she thinks im earning a lot by offering to charge her 20% off her next purchase out of goodwill. I don't do exchanges and refunds for goods in excellent condition. And i certainly don't offer discounts (not even to friends) as frequently to shoppers who didnt have a good online shopping experience on my LJ. They can't read English. What to do. Do i look like i live in a mansion with a huge arse swimming pool!

I always try to be nice. But there'll be some devil forces out there pulling me back from being nice.

Go file/report this case to Small Claims Tribunals for all i care. Measurements are stated on my LJ. Everything is in black and white. God be my witness.
Such horrible customers.
Actually, it is just her and that anonymous shopper at the SMU bazaar.

Ah, but thanks for being there and listening to me like you always do..