MMS Friends

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My first. And last.

Spent some time at Faith's place doing work earlier.
We had to cook lunch using a rice cooker because we can't operate the stove.
Damn right, it was a bad mistake and lunch tasted REALLY weird.

But the cakes, ice-cream and Ellen's made up for everything.
And of course your undying love and company :b

Hoping to complete a customer's kit by tonight so that i can spend some time with my dslr tmr.

$55 for 2 hours at a studio. Jolly well make full use of that time snapping away instead of fiddling with the wires/light meter/trigger/reflectors.

No money, earn.
Got money, spend.

Kimmy -> sure! hehe.

Melly -> and a special someone too (: