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Monday, March 30, 2009


Me and Faith decided to start tagging our 3/4D classmates using this hilarious photo. Not all are applicable because we are from a single-sex school. Think we nearly died laughing over the phone yesternight (:

Tons of orders to complete by this weekend.
And also, preparations for upcoming collection.
My life is rocking!!!!

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li
She's so pretty (:


Was discussing with a regular customer if i should move LJ and change to a cooler name. Haha. I work as hard as a bull for every cent earned. So these are words of encouragement from her that made my day:

&& no lah don't think that way! What's most important isn't the name, it's more of the service, quality, and price that counts!
What's more you've a firm customer base lor, don't worry about the name!
I'll always support you!
Compare your lj to those very very cool nice names, but without good service, quality and price, how will they survive!
Shop blog goooooooddddddddd, i've always wanted to set up something like that, but no time, & i get impatient easily,
what's more, i'm lazy. You lucky girl, can earn extra income you know! :DD

That's why! You're doing it all alone, yet you're running it so well,
Of course i'll pay for the extra mile and service, rather then some other popular and overpriced brand online!
I admire you a lot! It's never easy running a shop alone, definitely you'll encounter ups & downs.
I'm sure everybody have their own thoughts, & nobody's perfect, keep that in mind!
Some particular things people doesn't appreciate, doesn't mean the other feel the same way as well

Just treat those feedbacks as another form of encouragement! :)
At least you get to understand what different customers wan't, & get to work on it!
Don't give up yea!
Deep deep down inside i'm sure you know that you'll wan't the best for customers too, & you definitely worked hard for it!

Be proud of the fact that everything you've done comes from the heart sincerely, people will get to understand your intentions someday :)
Satisfaction for everyone isn't easy, just do your best!
All the way go go go! Never say die okay, never ever!