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Friday, March 27, 2009

Paper Pixie

Dear Shanice,

I have duly receive the "exclusive dress" that I have bought from you and I am utterly satisfied with your service that I just have to comment on your efficiency. Thank you for your prompt response after you have acknowledged my payment. I have merely just informed you of my payment yesterday (Wednesday), and after I got your reply that you will be mailing out on the very day, I would never have expected the goods to have reached me in less than 24 hours! Thanks for keeping to your promise, that is of the utmost trust tt every customer(at least, me) hope to look out for. What's even better, the dress fits me perfectly! The material did justice to the price I pay, color and design are true to the photographs, and the cutting is perfect in every way. Thank you again! I really look forward to have another transaction with you. :)

P.S. You could cut ur prices by a few bucks to attract more customers though! *winks.

Lotsa love and Best Rgds,

This is what i need to hear!! Customers who appreciate my hard work. I mean i understand if some just don't. I'm like a little girl on a two-wheel bicycle for the first time. Encouragement, positive reinforcement is what i need.

Am sourcing for a studio to sign package with.
Clare from HVV have been helping me out, am thankful.
I wanna try outdoor shoots as well, but it'll be tough on the model.
And i am very new to photography.

A lot of aspirations.


Weird toilet poses, bad quality photos of our outing yesternight.
Julia treated me to N.Y.D.C for dinner!
As usual, i was the one finishing all the food.
Made a trip to ishop and lucky plaza.
Poor owners. They were so traumatized by her.
I was busy playing some fighting and punching game in the shop while laughing my balls off at her haggling and their conversation. Haha.


Drinks at The Bark Cafe thereafter with midnight supper gang.
Remember, we have a date on 21-24th of December (: