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Monday, March 09, 2009

Screaming into a pillow

I just got this long email from a customer.

She gave me 3 choices for the color of dress she wanted. I mistakenly mailed her the second choice. I apologized.

Basically i think she didn't liked the way i handled this problem. I don't like it too. But i'm so soaked up in work, im pooped out! Bad excuse i know.

But why would i want any shopper to be unhappy? So far, everyone had a good shopping experience on my LJ.

Oh sigh. i didn't want to explain too much so i told her to mail me back and i'll be glad to mail her the right color. All correspondences were exchanged in a gentle and non-hostile manner.
Then she decided that she'll make do with the black but asked for a huge discount on her 2nd piece. I obliged.


Another buyer was complaining about how it didn't turned out the way she thought it would. So i told her to send me back the piece and i'll be happy to mail her the sample piece which the model wore. That way, there wouldn't be any sort of discrepancy. And i promised to throw in a piece from my collections, of her choice, for free.


I go through miles to satisfy buyers. But i find it unrewarding, sometimes.

Angele -> yea its been almost a year since we last had a game of squash. jiayou for the final exams ya (:

Xiumei -> woohoo!! nice!! sounds punky. haha. who's teaching you monetary?