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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shanice the Sales Lady (not quite)

(Anonymous) 2009-03-12 08:34 pm (local)
terribly disappointed w ur service at the SMU fleawas at your stall at 4plus on tuesday, stood there for v long, no one attended t me!if you girls were busy, i wldve understood. but tht was so not the case!

1) Buyer was trying to say I SUCK.
And i am so taking it personally.

2) Buyer was also trying to say that NOBODY was at my stall.

3) Buyer was trying to say that I AM BLIND (or acting blind).

Imagine my reply. Asian girls are full of shit. I am very happy working with Americans (at BofA) and Canadians (my stall partner). I am not shy or plain mean. I just don't like to hard-sell and pretend to be all friendly with shoppers holding up the pieces that i think they might like. It just not me. Suck the shit or just shuddap.


3 days at SMU bazaar was good. Made new friends, enjoyed chatting with the buyers who do not think that i am a freak, listening to Natalie's stories, seeing familiar faces(gloria, eugene, joseph, cant remb the names of the rest)..made lots of money clearing old stocks.

Thank you for your help Edward! And to Amber and Faith who dropped by on day 1 (:
My muscles are seriously overworked and abused to the max.