MMS Friends

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I need to make your door-sign

I packed the corner of my room today.
Dug out thousands of letters.

From Dine..peggy ting..cheryl my bestie (the most letters of all, i even had them kept separately in a box)..and some names which i cannot put a face to.

And i made a very tough throw them away without reading em for the last time :(
I cannot bear to.
If i read them, i wouldnt..

Of course i kept some from special people (:

"call me, my number address is.."
"pss..dont show this letter to anyone"
"i saw you running can run very fast"
"i would like to be your best friend"
"how to be a prefect like you"


Manhatten Fish Market with Faith.
The Soup Spoon for dinner.
Just keep eating.
Covered iluma, Bugis Junction and Haji.
Slept on the bus ride home..ough to hit the sack now..