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Saturday, June 05, 2010

London [day 2]

Another 5743 miles and here i am at London.
The 7 hours flight frm Dubai to LHR was pretty pleasant.

We officially clock in 4 breakfasts during the 15 hours long haul.

But Heathrow airport a bit chui..hahaha..easy access to the Tube so its all good!

Bought the oyster card and tubed down to meet Ven at Bayswater.
Dumped out stuff at her studio apartment and went for orientation around the place.

Portobello Market, Westfield mall..Four Seasons duck rice.

Was trying so hard to stay awake. And finally after dinner, i conk out for 12 hours.
Now im ready to conquer the day! (:

We're heading to high street kensington and maybe oxford street today.
Followed by BBQ at Noelle's friend place.

Weather is about 20 degrees and sunset 10pm here.
Damage done for the day: GBP41

Melly -> how was interview? haha..i miss singapore..i wanna go home! :( my DSLR have some problems, cannot remove lens and i cant really take photos either. i dunno why!! it was alright on the it just wont work!! args. btw, remb to go for my true spa facial on the 12th 3.30pm ok (: