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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Abundant Life

6 battery road office lobby revealed after 4 months.
Refreshing change, i like! (:
I feel good stepping into office hehe.

You know this building has been around for ages?!
Very well maintained by Capitaland.

That flower wall cost $750,000. Siao bo!

Went shopping and got my bag.
It's the slouchy version inspired by Hermes of course.
Wanted to get the one from Marco Tagliaferri as seen here on Rumi:

She totally rocked it, didnt she?
Mine's only $72.90 because its not real leather. But the style and function works similarly.
I saw a 'stiffer' one at Everbest going for $515, Zipia's version is USD45 and some push cart at Raffles City selling between $60-$75. This version from MT cost USD695. I figured it not worth my hard-earned money so i went for a PVC one. I AM LOVIN' IT!

Had dinner at ION with Xingyu and she showed me her Su-Shi bag. This snake skin/leather vintage bag is sucha beauty! Lovely shade of bleu too. That's Aimee rockin' hers:

I'm eyeing the brown-ish shades, about 198 Euros.
I'ts definitely cheaper than a Mulberry. Havent found another combi i like since the Powder Tweed.

The bustier dress that arrived from my ASOS parcel (:

This gorgeous lace cropped top cost me $89.99 from Forever New.
Damn heartache but i love it so much!
My supplier said this textile is his Mum's table cloth. OMGG...thanks ah...

The super chio dress i'm going to launch on sherniece.lj in April (:
Available in black, coral and grey. Quality and cut is fantastic and i'm expecting it to be a sell out though togas might not be that 'in' this season. But i know my model will rock it.


Just had Crystal Jade for dinner and then KOI with Dadee and lil' sis.
Mum's in Jakarta for a short work-play trip.
Elder sis' weekend is pretty much spent with her fiancee.

Yesterday me and Faith did some really disciplined and efficient shopping trip during lunch at Isetan's private sale. I must thank her for introducing me to Robinson's and Isetan's sale, its frikkin awesome ok!! Not as 'auntie' as I condemned it to be.

Tmr's scrapbook course will be awesome because i'm going to complete this in 3 hours:

Have a good one darlings (: