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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twins Date

Suppose to be quad dinner tonight.
Turned out only me and Peichin made it.
Love u! (:


Work is alright..but my manager has been a total biatch.
She told me: try not to 'serve internet'... (her English cannot make it please)
Well, knowing me, i argued back with her of course.
Don't push your luck with me.

1) It's 6mins to official knock off time
2) i was on a medical website..not or was reading up
3) there was absolutely no work to be done except to wait for market trades to settle for the day
4) everyone surf the internet..yes even the VP ok
5) you are the unhappy one..i dont think HG will be mad at me
6) i am not slacking. i dont have anything to do. besides, i am not a robot, you freak.
7) VP said it is ok to chitchat or rest if we're tired/stressed. but you, the biatch, keep cutting into our convo. you cannot stand us chatting, can you? because we leave u out of the convo and we dont lunch with you?
8) you're the rudest manager around. even my AVP agree.
9) you dont even do daily tasks. you do all the bo liao shit so cut me some slack
10) everyone in core ops know we're the team with the highest volume of work and longest working hours. will it kill u if im reading up on our large intestine?!?

I value-add to the team and i'm a good, intelligent worker.
I don't have any respect for you, I don't like you. So dont try and act all nice to me.
Doesn't work. You hypocrite!
If i don't give you any eye contact, you know its because i dont want to.

*Attitude must change*