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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Goodbye Christine

I am trying so darn hard to cope without a maid.
More time spent on making my own breakfast, washing/ironing clothes and doing the having the biggest phobia about not being able to wake up in time for work :(
Dad muttered something like: after 30 years, we're finally learning how to be independent.

I must say, my home is indeed very different now.
My parents work thus, i wont be expecting my Mum to take care of the house like your Mum is doing.
I will need to wash my own clothes, get them ironed, do the dishes, mop my room, change my sheets and make my own breakfast.
Don't say im spoilt or pampered.
Just too used to having a domestic helper taking care of our day-to-day routine and chores.

Goodbye Christine, it was good while it lasted.
Praying hard my Mum's temper will change for the better without having to yell at a maid now.


It was by God's grace i caught bus 317 in the nick of time.
Bus interchange at Nex opened today, causing several changes in bus routes.
After waiting around for 10 mins, i decided to walk over to the PLMC bus stop.
As expected, the bus changed its route.
Had i not walked over, i'll be waiting like a fool at that bus stop.

Faith is about believing that he exists.

He answers my prayers, he guides me, he gives me peace, he provides, he forgive my sins, he sends me angels, he never forsakes me..i know he wants the best for me.

Lord, i offer my life to you.