MMS Friends

Sunday, September 25, 2011



You put your scrubbed clothes into the machine for spinning.
But you didn't switch on the machine, neither did you communicate the intention to me.
When im done showering and decided to do my laundry, i mixed mine with yours.
You got angry.
You told me to check with you next time, first.
But hey, you didnt communicate with me FIRST.
Then you come into my room and apologized for the tone, yet you still made it sound like it was entirely my fault.

If you want me to absorb the blame, fine by me.
But honestly, i think both of us were wrong. Logically.
So quit trying to put it all on me.
I am not an unreasonable person.

You don't listen.
Thats the problem with you.
Thats the reason why Mum dont agree with you on most things.
Thats why there are so many conflicts.
And yelling in the family.

And that is also why i like to shut myself out.
From things that don't matter to me.
I am too frikkin good at distancing myself.


Foot reflex and RWS casino with Justina.
I made $25. Not enough to cover entry. Hahaha but it was a good experience.
Minus the fact that the smoke nearly killed me.

Impending headache.........................................

BBQ at Ken's with the colleagues (: