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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Short getaway to JB

Selemat Hari Raya!

Got up bright and early to have breakfast in JB with the family.
We survived the 3 hours traffic jam back to Singapore, which was totally worth it in my opinion.
Well, i had a book to read and i got my cheap cheap magnum supply! hehe

Drove to Jalan Tan Hiok Nee but our usual coffeeshop was closed.
Had to settle for the alternative:

Pedicured at eArtistic while hubby waited for me, he is sucha darling when it comes to waiting (:
Did i mention its only RM40?????

Shopped at our ever favourite supermarket: TESCO!
Can you believe it, Magnum is only RM10 for a box of 3 (Singapore is triple the price!!).
We got other stuffs like vegetables and snacks, which is also very cheap!!
Delightful time shopping there for sure.

So anyways, we head across the road for lunch at this popular BKT stall that my family frequents. And not forgetting the durian from Ah Tong's.

At times like that, i am wondering why is the standard of living so high in Singapore.
Even stuff made in Singapore is sold at 2-3x the price locally. For the same item exported to JB, its way cheaper.

But i am actually very thankful God provides for our every meal, He gave us everything we have, whatever we own. He gave us the ability to bring bread home, gave us wisdom to generate income and also provided us with a good job so that we can afford our day to day stuff without stretching our finances. God blesses our lack, not our leftovers. I am also thankful Marcus is supportive of me staying home. Business isn't brisk everyday but slowly, it shall grow. I want to add value to our marriage and home!

Just gotta be appreciative and thankful for His goodness and try to complain less (:
Just 2 more weeks to our China trip!