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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cheng Du, Jiuzhaigou, Huang Long - China 201

Chengu research base of giant panda breeding.

Enroute from Mao Xian to Huang Long Scenic and Historic Interest Area.

According to the owner, this 10 year old yak is a lazy version of the hardworking cows you see in the fields. Their thick and heavy fur tires them out easily. So they spend their day being exhibits, sleeping, eating, walking about. For just 10 yuan, you get a photo and ride on him.
The black coloured yaks normally end up as beef on the table, and boy do they taste good.
The white ones are more "valuable" as they are prettier, thus more widely domesticated.

This man, I love (:

Huang Long - endured the altitude sickness: Headache, pressure, nauseousness, dizziness, cold, rain, wind, billions of people pushing/screaming. But the strenuous climb up was worth it, minus the fog which made everything gloomy and unclear with the naked eye.

The magical 5 colour lake/colorful pool.

They have all sorts of sea/lake: Tiger Lake, Rinoceros Lake, Sleeping Daragon Lake, just to name a few.

Jiuzhaigou Valley-breathtaking! Saw valleys, lakes, waterfalls, ridges, cliffs, mountains, forests etc. The reason why i loved Geography lessons so much in school (:

Greatest reward of the trip would be seeing baby pandas and experiencing the beauty of the magical 5 colour lakes. I never had a liking for cultural shows but the Romance Show (Tibetan and Qiang performance) blew me away. They had real "rain", water gushes, vibrating seats to mimic the earthquake in 2008 and also actors climbing on the side walls. Jaw-drop theatrical experience! The face-changing performance was pretty cool too.

Endured the smelly and unhygienic toilets. I really think dirty is an understatement. Some lacked the facilities of a flushing system, some lacked toilet bowls, some lacked doors. You get the drift. I survived it all. Nailed it, conquered it! Blessed by God's grace, protection, and giving me an open-mind to conquer my fear of China's toilet.

Food kinda suited my taste. Though majority was bland, vegetables a plenty, some a little oily, some mildly spicy, i do enjoy the sichuan dishes!

Just super duper thankful for His provision and to my dearest husband for sponsoring this trip (:
I have gained so much more and definitely conquered myself (nope, not the 5000+m above sea level mountains). Made new friends who loves God fiercely and it was truly a wonderful opportunity to see the world with my husband.

They say your travel company is important, the place is secondary if you have the nice people during your trip. How true (:

I have never used these words more often than i had during this trip. HAHA.

"take photo!!!"