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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Marriage life...

IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, its a choice.
We made the choice to stay committed, to be the one for each other.
We decide what's important for us in the marriage.
God's original purpose being the top priority.

Thank you for the opportunity to do life together (:

Celebrated our monthsary as well as my 28th at Raffles Town Club and also Pince & Pints.
Actually, I'm wondering if we should just forget about monthsary and focus on wedding anniversary? Whatever it is, we love celebrations because we spend extra special time together (:

Had the honour of doing birthday meals with 2 good friends at Omakase Burger and Fat Cow.

And if you are wondering, life has been great, thankful for this time of rest (:
Ending off with my pretty face and also of Sky's.