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Monday, July 06, 2015

week 5: Are you married?

"Yes i am."

That was the question by Dr Phua, our recent gynae.
Same one during my 1st pregnancy which ended on the 11th week with a D&C last year.

Well, good news!
I am 5 weeks pregnant.
Next appointment is in 2 weeks time, hopefully the little one will grow healthily till full term.
I'm casting away all negative thoughts on this pregnancy.

Am prescribed Utrogestan to stabilise the pregnancy, and the usual folic acid.
Morning sickness hasn't really kicked in yet, or rather, its not as bad as the last year's.
If all is well, we will have a March 2016 baby!
Same month as our wedding anniversary.

We are very thankful and extremely happy.
Thank you God!
If you are reading this, pray for us! (:

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