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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

week 15: Nutritional milk powder

I have started trying alternatives to calcium pills.
Out of which i really like Frisomum Gold because of the rich vanilla taste.

Morning sickness seems to be easing, i have more good days than bad days now (:
But i still gag occasionally.
Noticed my gums bleed really easily during cleaning/flossing.

Looking forward to 16th week checkup next Monday.
Gender may be revealed!

I have been applying Bio oil 2 times a day because i feel my skin stretching when i lie down at night.
I don't look pregnant yet but i have already spent $200 on ASOS maternity range.
Having only another 6 months to dress my bump, i want to look good during this special season of my life. Look good, feel good!
Bellaband helps a lot too but when i look at my wardrobe, i feel like I'm having a crisis.
Most of my clothing's are skin-tight, cropped, empire cut, low-waist. My petite UK 4-6 clothing's are completely irrelevant to me now.

Here's a photo that finally show some bump action.
FYI, all i do is eat and sleep. My weight have yet to push past 43kg but I will work towards giving birth to a healthy 3kg baby!

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