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Sunday, November 29, 2015

week 26: Mount Alvernia Maternity Tour Nov 2015

Pardon the low quality and raw images from my iPhone 5.
I took it in a rush and didn't want to be in the way of our huge group (7-8 couples) during the maternity tour yesterday.

Basically we got to view the single suites and delivery ward.
St Michael suites were all occupied which was expected.
(updated photos here)
They usually try to room 1 mother in the 2 bedded rooms unless its really peak period.
So I may end up choosing 2 bedded as my 1st choice, followed by St Michael as my 2nd choice.

It's not as luxurious as Mount E Novena but it will do.

You are encouraged to rent their breast pump equipments for $20 a day instead of bringing your own and if you are choosing a single room, your husband will have to top up $80.25 a day for a full board 3D2N stay. Pyjamas or gown is not provided so bring your own.

In case you opted for natural delivery but end up having an emergency c-sect, they will only charge you the c-sect price plus natural delivery room charges and/or whatever equipment they have already used on you. That is a huge relief because i don't want to end up paying double like some other private hospitals.

During your stay, you are entitled to a complimentary parentcraft session. Else you can make a trip back another day for the group session (if there's nobody for the day, you'll be lucky to get a private session with their experienced nurses). And yes, that very precious 1-1 session with the lactation consultation during your stay is included in the maternity package.

At the end of the 30mins tour, we visited the cafe for a complimentary drink.
Included in the goodie bag was laundry conditioner, fever pack, Huggies wet wipes, hygiene wipes, Anmum samples, magazines etc.

Hope the above information is helpful. Check my previous post for the link to sign up for the tour.
This link brings you to an updated article on maternity tours in Singapore.

Week 26, 4 days.
Wondering if my belly button will pop anytime soon.
Yes i have trouble finding the best/right position to sleep, but i will get by (:
Its a joy feeling her strong kicks and rolls.

The birthing ball i got on Amazon to ease tailbone aches and i do light exercises on it to help buttercup get into the right position. Too early for that, but just practice first.

A customised bamboo cake topper i designed for buttercup's shower, full moon party and her 1st birthday in 2017.

Loving my short mane.
So much easier to maintain.

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