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Monday, November 16, 2015

week 25

My cute buttercup!
Weighing 629g approximately, her bpm is 161.
That puts my weight up to 46.9kg.

Wow, 1.3kg gain in 3 weeks.
Gynae commented can be better.
He just told me to eat more but hey, the more i eat, the more comes out through the back door.

And actually I'm guilty.
Eating more doesn't mean my nutrition level doubles up; it simply means I'm eating empty calories or junking away.

Sorry buttercup, i will try to eat better for you, for us (:

Noticed 2 skin tags, one behind my neck, the other at my underarms.
Pregnancy woes.

Another 3 weeks till I enter 3rd trimester.
So far i am experiencing trouble with sleeping positions.
And i am 3 weeks behind antenatal pilate classes.

Can't wait for Mount Alvernia's maternity tour on 29th Nov.
We will be placing deposit to confirm a spot for 2016.
You can click here for more information.

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