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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

week 30

Last Friday's 3rd antenatal childbirth class at Mount A.
We learn various ways to cope with labor discomfort; breathing techniques and what to expect.
It was helpful!
Wing was attentive, esp when she noted i didn't want to sit on the mat during class, she pulled me/us a nice cushion chair to sit throughout.

Week 29 bump, i haven't felt or seen an growth spurt for some time.
Buttercup have been excessively active these weeks (:

Currently 47.8kg and she is approximately 1.1kg.
"There is no weight target to hit, just eat well", says the gynae.
Healthy babies come in many different weights and sizes.
Dr Poon mentioned her head is slightly small, which will make pushing easier.

We did a salt swab test today as well.
No glucose test for GD as they monitor it through our urine test during every checkup.
Feeling a lot of movement and "bubbles" down under, her frequent hiccups is feeling super low.
We have decided on single suite at Mount A for privacy and rest during the nights.

Today's breakdown:

Group B swab $40
iron pills $10.50
delivery deposit $300

You look so cute buttercup, Mummy and Daddy can't wait to see how/who you will look like!

Went to Toyogo warehouse factory outlet last weekend to get a temporary chest of (lousy plastic) 5 drawers to store all of buttercup's clothes, laundry, sheets, wipes, diapers and shower essentials.
Why did i say its lousy plastic? When i opened the packaging at home, i found cracks everywhere. Its too much of a hassle to bring it back to Kallang in our family car. So we are keeping it until we shift to our new 5 room flat next year. Lousy $65 spent, meh!

I'm guessing the frequent burping I'm experiencing and/or "nauseous" feeling is actually heartburn.
Can't eat much these days either, but always craving bread and potatoes of any sort.
No visible water retention or leg cramps these few weeks, thank God for His goodness.

Prayer list:

1. quick dilation of cervix, supernatural stretching of the birth canal so i can avoid episiotomy
2. quick and active labor
3. natural, drug-free if i can take contraction discomforts
4. no breech delivery and emergency c-sect
5. for my water bag to break on its own and buttercup not to be in any form of stress during the birthing process
6. name for buttercup
7. no birth complications, birth defects, allergies of any sort
8. good birth weight for buttercup and also that she can regulate her own temperature
9. no jaundice
10. good support from family for hospital-to-home transition
11. quick recovery, no postnatal blues and no excessive blood loss
12. pain free delivery (yes its possible to pray for a supernatural delivery experience! Read the book by Jackie Mize)

Our God is not the author of pain (:

Was gifted a Mothercare playmat (Butterfly fields) for tummy time.
I'm thinking of using it as a changing mat at home too.
The bunny is sooooo soft, maybe i can pluck it off and hang on the cot instead haha!
Thank you girlfriends, love it!!

Found time to get gelish done at The Nail Artistry (yes, it is pregnancy safe) and also meet the girlfriends over a meal at Relish.
Burger-craving satisfied for the week.

Taobao loots for buttercup arrived. Will share them next week once i got them sorted out.

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