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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

week 29

2nd antenatal class at mount A; we learnt a couple of massaging techniques and also positions that are good for sitting/standing/sleeping.

Extremely helpful for the growing belly which is increasing in weight.

3rd lesson this Friday!

My lil sis got some stuff for buttercup from Primark and The Little White company.
Can't wait to dress her up next year.

12 weeks to go!
I feel that time has passed so quickly, and yet so slow all at the same time.
So far, pregnancy symptoms are probably slight nausea and tiredness.
I try not to walk or sit too long as my tailbone gets achy after a while.
My belly button has popped but yet it doesn't look popped.
Buttercup has been super active since week 18, I'm so thankful for every rolls and kicks (:

Was looking through my list for Baby World 2016.
Gotta buy these on Jan 15th:

Cotton balls
Bath sponge
Nuk detergent
Sanitary pads? Will the regular period ones work?

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