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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Alvernia Ladies Card & Antenatal Lesson 4: labor

Finally got round to collecting my Mount Alvernia Ladies Card.
Its free for SG50 parents so i kinda "missed" the deal and paid $64 for the membership.
For benefits and privileges, click here.
Valid for 2 years, I think its worth it.

The photo shows some freebies given when you sign up.
Bolsters have "I am an Alvernia baby" printed on it.
Too cute (:

33 weeks bump shot.
Buttercup hiccups an avg of 5 times a day.
Its normal for her to get "squirmish" in my belly when Sky barks or when there are commotion outside my bedroom.
We caught Ip Man 3 last night, and i was trying to cover my belly because she was "kufung-fighting" the entire show.

Same old refreshments for the past 3 lessons.
Getting sick of it.
Yesterday, the staff shared on what to expect during labour and what we should do/bring.
Of course we didn't get to go home without watching a graphic birth video haha
They make it look all too easy.
Push and baby slides out. Really?

It was delivery ward and room tour after that.
St Michael's Room 272 was available so we popped in for a quick visit.
Its small, white and new as compared to their other single suites.
I'd be lucky to get a room in the St Michael's ward.

Last 2 lessons and my trips to Mount A will be over till buttercup is ready to meet us (:

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