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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

week 32

It's getting harder to make out the ultrasound photos.
Buttercup's face takes up most of the space, the top circle you see is her fist.
She now weighs 1.5kg and i'm 49.7kg.
Gynae is obviously pleased with the weight gain, I am just surprised i'm capable of putting on 1.8kg in 2 weeks haha!
Its really getting heavier to carry and sleeping through the night is almost impossible.
From now till week 40, she will be growing at an exponential rate.
I hope to give her the best nutrients possible.

Oh yes, my swab culture test came back negative, Praise the Lord (:
No bacteria or whatever present.

Her head is down and she's probably making the most out of the limited space in my uterus.
Hiccups are often but Poon said there's no concern.
Some babies just hiccup more often than others.
She was rolling away for 4 hours yesterday..quite the typical.

Thankful everything has been pretty smooth till date; no bleeding no cramps no constipation.
I do have acid reflux and suffer from mild nausea time to time.
But thats really manageable as compared to 18 weeks of severe morning sickness.

Antenatal class resumes this Friday, will share more after.
And also, am looking forward to Baby Shower party this Saturday.
My dearest friends have planned it for myself and Faith (she's due 3 weeks before me).

Christmas goodies from Kai and Cindy.
Isn't the socks and bib so so so cute!! (:

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