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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Diaper bag of year 2017

Recently, anti-theft bags have been all rage.
If you search the same on carousell, there will be many listings.
We got ours here:

Pros: Extremely affordable. The real version cost a lot more. This inspired version was as amazing.
There are many compartments. Its super lightweight. Padded for comfort. The list goes on. Click on the link above to see the full functions.

Cons: Its rather manly (your husband can use it for work). And since its an anti-theft bag, its hard to access the items if you are in a rush to find your wallet or ezlink card.

Otherwise, for $52, i highly recommend this.

What i store inside:

4 diapers
barrier cream
wet wipes
antibacterial wipes
hands/mouth wipes
onesie, cardigan, hand/face towel
nursing cover
mini book, toy
bioCair hand sanitisers
changing mat
plastic bag for biohazard waste
wallet and the likes.

Still have room for thermos flask and all her food/weaning stuffs.
Comparing this to Jujube's BRB, i think this wins hands down in almost every aspects.

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