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Monday, September 19, 2016

Mustela 14 days challenge

This post is sponsored but i present my honest opinions nonetheless.

As you all know, i have been a huge fan of Mustela products.
Since i was pregnant last year, i have been using their stretch marks lotion.
Post-Pregnancy, i am still applying their body firming gel.
You can read all about it in my past entries.

And Audria has been on their derma-cleansing bath and vitamin barrier since birth.
They have recently rebrand and redesigned their derma range.
But it works the same.

Mustela have kindly sent me their latest Dry Skin range to try:

Bath Oil
Nourishing lotion with cold cream (body)
Facial cold cream

I was thinking "great! Ever since the scabies episode, my poor girl has been suffering from dry skin and eczema due to the frequent use of Desowen Lotion".
I will share more about this episode on a separate entry.

Dry skin is a very common problem for infants and newborns.
Their skin is sensitive, delicate and flaky during the first few days or weeks after birth.
You may want to avoid bathing a newborn too often as it strips their skin of the natural moisture and oil.

I remember giving Audria her first "real" bath in the tub after her full month party.
During the first 30 days, i just wipe her down or sponge her private area.
At 7 months, she is currently enjoying bath time a lot.

She is currently at the stage where by she puts everything in her mouth.

We have thus been faithfully using this range for the past week or so.
Stay tune to find out if it helped to cure Audria's problem skin.

My 7 months old cutie pie (:

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