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Monday, September 19, 2016

Compass One Nursing Room

This is the main one at level 4; Friso Supermom Room
Clean, spacious.
Hot and cold water dispenser, 2 cubicles and 3 changing stations.
Cubicles with locks are the best (or worst).
It prevent Dads from peeking in (those with curtains are really one of the worst).
But you tend to see others abusing the rooms.

However, the main door cannot be locked thus you see tenants and random shoppers coming in for water. Thats one thing i don't like because it lacked the privacy for family/mothers.

There are other smaller scale nursing room on each floor if you require a quick diaper change.
Overall, its a rather baby-friendly mall (:

Check out Motherworks, Babyspa and Kiddy Palace if you fancy some baby shopping.