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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Flying with Silkair: Traveling with 11 month old to Bandung

Back in January, we went on a family vacation to Bandung.
Its definitely not a baby friendly place but we felt equipped and confident to travel with our soon-to-be-1 year old baby last month.

We chose an Airbnb and the host was very welcoming.
Their kitchen is fully equipped so i cooked her porridge every morning before we set off for the day.
Brought along 2 thermos flask to store her lunch and dinner.
With plenty of snacks to keep them occupied during jams and the likes.

Bandung is a breast-feeding friendly place so just pop on your nursing cover and you are good to go.
The only available baby changing room is found at SOGO of paris van java.
The nursing room in the photo is found at their airport.

I started nursing her without cover, but i will turn away so as to respect whoever is beside me and might feel uncomfortable. But basically i don't expose my entire boobs so i don't see whats the big deal about nursing without a cover. Audria is happy with or without a cover so I'm quite lucky. The baby takes in 90% of my aerola anyways. Wearing a proper nursing bra or top helps ALOT.
If you can, try to breastfeed in your carrier. Its so convenient.

The airport is right in the middle of the city, its small and located in the weirdest spot.
They cannot expand the airport because of the location.
Jams can get lengthly when you travel with an infant that is restless.

We met some locals who gave us contacts for food, shopping and PD in case of emergency.
Please do write to me if you are heading there and will require medical stand-by for your baby.

The man tula-ing the babies as we travelled.
We enjoyed their local cuisine and the picking of strawberries at their Stroberri farm was epic!
Weather was kind to us, though it did rain a bit here and there.
Night time gets slightly chilly and the mozzies, omg......bring all the insect repellent you can think of.

Bought some stuffs from their baby mega-store YEN'S.
These 2 pull up pants were quite cheap and i don't see them in Singapore.
So why not stock up.

They have this atas supermarket called PAPAYA.
We grabbed some baby snacks there too.
If you want to stock up on drinkable water, thats the place to go.
Buy this brand: Prestine. Its safe for babies to consume.
Their meats are generally more fresh as compared with other local supermarkets.

Audria was about 11 months old during this trip so we didn't bring her bathtub along.
We brought her anti-slip mat and she stood on it while we shower her.
Basically, had to travel light.
We did bring her favourite toys and books, continued with bedtime routine and all.

With each trip, it becomes more enjoyable as we explore new grounds together as a family.
She enjoys rice so we do share some food like tofu and fruits.
The stress level is lower as compared to Bangkok last June.
Maybe cause I'm more relaxed now and chill about everything as she advance into toddler stage.
More experienced as well haha.

Can't wait for the next trip.
Canada or Australia perhaps.
Fly more before she turns 2.

If you have any questions, feel free to write in to me and i will try to reply (:

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