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Saturday, June 08, 2019

Baby 2 - week 18

Weighing 47.6kg this week, i have gained 1kg!
Thankful that morning sickness eased up a little so i am pretty much more human now.

We found out the gender too!
In a rather humorous way haha

Baby's around 13cm something.
For this pregnancy, im less concerned with the growth.
Less uptight.
Just eat well and be rested, and naturally we saw growth.
As compared to Audria's time, she is always falling behind in terms of weight and length.
But now that she is 3 years old, shes caught up with her peers.
So all's good (:

Will update after anomaly scan at Mount E Novena in 2 weeks time.
In case you need more information, its $250 before GST.

Mount A cost $110 before GST, but only with 70% accuracy so we decided to try a more accurate one. We went for this in 2016 when i was expecting Audria. The price remains the same.

So far, BP is good and im finally cleared of my urine culture and swab culture.
What a scare! I thought im gonna be diagnosed with UTI but thank the Lord Jesus all's well (:
Placenta is a bit low but no concerns yet cause belly still growing.
I should really try to carry less groceries.
Audria's been a good girl, walking beside me and being gentle with my belly.
What a sweet child.