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Monday, October 17, 2005

Car-plate missin'

Flightplan was good i would say. (spoiler alert on)

I couldnt predict the whole hijacking and hostage shyte. I know Julia was on the plane. That blardy air marshell was damn cunning. Cant believe the whole plot took place in a single setting. O_o Was good, learnt the airplane parts. Now that you know the storyline, dont bother catching it. Ha.

(spoiler alert off)

Anyway, was a great weekend with dirtyboy. Considering all the downs we were facing. If i dont sound stupid, im not worthty of being in love. Ew...did i just say that?? Cheesy..haha. Ramen, gigalo and making out...Love my boy! =)

Hey girls! STRIP is giving a 50% discount for First-time-brazilian. Should go try it out. Ouch. Hoho!