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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Looking fwd to Sundays

Christie Stubbin's gone back to Australia. Ran to the departure gate. Was like those typical chinese serial whereby the actor tried to see the actress for the last time before its too late. Drama.

Didn't go to Zouk last night. Sam was so disappointed cause i promised the brothers last week i'll party with them. Oh well.

Realise i've Absolut Vodka, Rum, Jim Beam, Bombay Sapphire, Gin and red wine at home. When am i gonna drink those man. But i still want Kahlua and Archers..who's going overseas?

Went back to SRJC with Marcus this morning for some training. Was shitty tryin to run when you're sick and havent trained for nearly a year. Don't think i'll ever be at my peak again. =/

Zouk-Out tonight. Guess i'll go there early in the morning tmr. Oh yes, Tisha looking for people to drink and dance tmr 1230-9pm at Chinablack. Kelvin Tong's new film Love Story. Anyone interested, please call me. Everything's free.

Jenn -> opps..when u want?? its rotting on my table..haha