MMS Friends

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Food Tasting at GWP

Looking back upon this food tasting session at Min Jiang, i think it went incredibly well. More than just feed-backing on the selected menu, it warmed our hearts to see everyone getting along with smiles and laughter throughout the session.
The presence of the Lord was with us and we are thankful for His blessings.

Bought Marcus a iMac (for us when he moves over in 39 days).
Never felt happier giving anyone a gift (:
Its always better to give than to receive. That is so so so true!

See those bow ties? Its for Marcus' brothers. So exciting!! (:
We designed invitation cards for the bridal party, asking them to be our brothers/sisters for the upcoming wedding.
"I found my woman, but i will need my brothers"
"I found my man, but i still need my sisters"

Have you received your invitations? (: