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Thursday, August 22, 2013

New mane

This is my first in Scizzors trying out a combined treatment for the frizzy mane.
Argan oil and brazilian blow out.
Really love the outcome, minus the stinky chemical smell left on my hair.

Above were the photos taken before and during treatment.
See below for the final outcome.

With a costly treatment, comes the after-care products they recommend you for maintenance.

Marcus have the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting for me at the salon. He is normally quite the man who sits there patiently while i do my nails or some sort of grooming. Keeper!! (:


My gorgeous perspex clutch and some bling on the pouch.
Nobody will believe i paid USD95 for it.
So fly!!


Was on a 2 days MC for viral infection and so we went exploring around Singapore Art Museum area before indulging in our salmon sashimi feast at Standing Sushi Bar.

Happy monthsary baby (:

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