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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Was Godma's birthday yesterday. Some home-cooked food by her. Think it was a "6 course" dinner..Haha..ate like a glutton, no doubt she cooked all my fav dishes. =)

Bought a cake from Jenn. It was good..haha..i like simple taste. Most importantly Godma likes it. Thanks for the $5 off. *grins*

Think nothing beats a homely birthday celebration with ya loved ones. Happy Birthday Mama.

Liyu -> Heh..yes..i want Sentosa too. When can u make it? I'm having a week's break starting 17th Oct. Hurry..let's meet up again!! =b

Xcrush -> u went for the Rouge interview?? They took 3 weeks to get back to me. Now that i've started work, im kinda afraid of making mistakes. And taking drink orders' killing me. I'm freaked out. Haha. Plus its so tiring..if i fire myself, i'll intro u in okie? Cheers.. =)