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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mascara smudged

Collected my passport at ICA bldg with Emily sis. The guy whom served us (his name is Collyn Chew) looks super cute! Haha. He was service-oriented and kept joking with us. Ohhh... *swoons* Args...get over it already Shanice!

Rushed back to Kovan for lunch with Mom..which caused me to be slightly late for my Bioskin 2nd audition. Got interviewed and stuff..they wanna make it a big project (or teevee prog) January next year. Was selected to go through 3 months of free facial treatment for this Skin Recovery competition, so to speak. Oh gosh..Its worth $9000++ for ya info! Am i lucky or what?? But seriously i loathe the media attention and cameras-clicking-away crap. My face recovered 50% after the 1st treatment..the only one whom has shown the most improvement actually! Haha..meanwhile, my skin is just peeling like crazy. O_o If you see me on teevee, switch it off.

Bad day after that.. *sobs*

So glad i met up with least for a while. *hugs* Love ya girl...managed to get it? Sorry i had to leave early.. =/ Sentosa...sentosa!!! *chants*