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Friday, October 07, 2005


Sore throat...flu...ears blocked, airway clogged. Give me my health back you evil bacteria!!!

I'm feeling horrible, terrible, vegetable O_o

Corpse Bride wasnt particularly a good doesnt make a good "laugh & forget" kinda animation show. Disappointment. Haha..i only love the fact that Lesley was with me during the show. =)

Bumped into beauty queen Linda at Cine's Subway. Companied her while she polished off the 6 inch sandwich. And it must be a God given news that she's starting day-1-job at Rouge as a host. Aint that cool?? I'll never be alone again. *grins* Thats if i get to keep my job. Hurh.

Zihui -> i love you babe... =)) you have my love and well-wishes. *hugs*